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So... who am I again ?

I am Prev, an aspiring Computer Scientist who wants to rule the world, but in the meantime, messing with UI/UX Designing. As a kid, I always enjoyed messing up my computers, but hey, that actually made me pretty good at them now. Nothing compared to Richard Stallmen senpai though.

I've worked with a few companies to bring their websites into a reality. I tend to be a minimal and simplistic guy with my designs. Currently working with a UI library called Prometheus. But enough about me, find out for yourself below.

Luther & I

Earlier last year, I was asked by a friend in the U.S to participate in an essay writing organised in a church in Delaware regarding How Dr. Martin Luther King Jr had changed my life. My essay had touched sensitive current issues in Malaysia that affects millions of Malaysians that is relatable of what was faced by Americans decades ago.


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